The Basics

When we first became vegan, it felt like we had to relearn cooking. There were so many things that we had previously loved cooking, baking, roasting and much of those foods, and indeed methods, were no longer open to us.

So, what does somebody do who already has shelves buckling under the weight of cookbooks do? Replace her library with vegan cookbooks. 
Some suggested Vegan reads. Hitler's Pre-Emptive Was is not vegan related.

There are other sources of support: the internet for instant information, blogs for advice, tasty recipes and real-life stories of veganism. The Vegan Society offer a mentoring program, which is very supportive for new vegans.

I think what is the most important thing for people who are newly converted to veganism (and if that's you, congratulations - you will not regret it!!) is a battery of recipes that remind you of your old diet, to make that transition a little bit easier as you feel your way around your new cruelty-free, healthy life.

As we discover the new ways to eat old favourites, we will share here recipes that you will be glad to refer to regularly: the cheese sauce, the ragu, the bread, the muffins, the egg substitutes, what to do when you have carnivores over... 

We hope you find it helpful!

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