Chia Love

Chia Seeds are all the rage, daahhling, these days. Little wonder, they are quite the little powerhouse and versatile too.
Great sprinkled on salads, they have a similar texture to poppy seeds with a delightful nutty flavour.
But mixing them with a liquid is when you really get to see what the Chia Seed can do.
You see, the Chia Seed, when wet, is inclined to become mucilaginous. That's not a very nice word is it? But to vegans who needs replacement thickeners or egg substitutes, this is a very handy property indeed.
A Chia Thistle field
What of the health benefits? Chia (or Salvia Hispanica, so named because of the reason it grows in) means "oily" in Nahuatl, but this is really an understatement. Chia Seeds are high in Omega 3 and 6, which is fantastic for vegans as we no longer eat fish, and Omega 6 is great for a healthy hea.
Studies are currently being conducted using Chia as a way of controlling blood sugar, they are high in fibre and full of minerals that may be missing in a vegan's daily diet.

So, that should be reason enough to think about adding Chia to your daily diet. Our favourite is a Chia Pudding. There are so many ways to serve it, but we think it's best with some coconut milk, dessicated coconut and a dash of Agave Syrup and then top it with your favourite smoothie.

Oh and it's a breeze to make; you just require an element of patience. It needs to thicken overnight in the fridge...

Coconut Chia Pudding with Mango Smoothie
for the Chia Pudding
½ cup Coconut Milk (not from a can)
2 tbsp Chia Seeds
Pinch Sea Salt
¼ tsp Vanilla Extract
1 tbsp Dessicated Coconut
for the Mango Smoothie

In a small jar or vessel of your choice, whisk together all the ingredients for the Chia Pudding and refrigerate. If you use a jar with a lid, you can give the jar a good shake every so often. If not, just give it a vigorous whisk every so often. This helps the seeds to release their unique texture.

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