Smoothie of the Week - Tropical Rainstorm

Of course, in England tropical fruit is always considered exotic. In a country that produces Apples, Pears, sometimes cherries and plums (not this year, the frost nipped them off early), it is sometimes a lovely treat to indulge in the shapes, perfumes and fragrant flavours of fruits from warmer climes.

As I have a daily smoothie with Vanilla Protein powder, I need stronger flavours to mask the slightly chalky powder taste. The fruit bowl is always overflowing with bananas, papayas, passion fruit and mangoes (which I often find in my weekly veggie box). 

Today I decided to use up all of the older looking fruits, you know, the ones that lurk at the bottom of the fruit bowl, slowly shrivelling. 

I also used up some of Paul's pineapple. He buys it ready chopped from the supermarket as it's the only way to guarantee a ripe, flavourful fruit in the colder months. However, if you don't use if within a day, the packaging will start to "puff", the pineapple starts to taste fizzy as it begins to ferment and pretty soon it's no good for anything but the compost bin.

Tropical Rainstorm Smoothie
Half a Mango
2 Kiwi Fruits, peeled
1 Passion Fruit
5 Cubes of Pineapple
Half a cup Coconut Yogurt
Hazelnut Milk (or other non-dairy milk), to desired consistency
Half a Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder (optional)
Coupla Ice Cubes

Blend all ingredients and apply to mouth.


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